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Our Services

At Climatisation Chauffage RBC reliability, durability of the systems are part of our priority values. We work for the environment by using environmentally friendly products recovering harmful refrigerants to replace them with others that are less damaging.

Our multidisciplinary team provides maintenance services and prevention for maximum efficiency of your devices.

Whatever your requirements are in terms of location or repair, we will find tailored solutions.

Climatisation Chauffage RBC offers different types of contracts according to the specific needs of each client.

Whether it’s a service contract or refrigeration,air conditioning or heating maintenance program, each of them is monitored and followed very closely.

Climatisation Chauffage RBC's challenge is to offer preventive maintenance of your air conditioning systems to extend the life of your equipment, reduce energy losses, ensure good air quality according to the standards in your buildings and and to give a good return on your investments. In addition, we also offer you all the versatility and experience to your redevelopment projects.

Sectors of activity

  • Office tower
  • Institutional
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Computer room
  • Ventilation


  • Roof unit
  • Chiller
  • Water tower
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Humidification
  • Airflow box

Commercial or industrial refrigeration is a very specialized field where technicians scarce.

With our industry experience, we ensure professional interventions. We deploy our services in food stores where we find the meat counters, fishmongers, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, freezers or even the warehousing industry.

Sectors of activity

  • Industrial refrigerating machines
  • Food field
  • Cold room
  • Ice machine
  • Burlodge


  • Reciprocal compressor
  • Scroll compressor

To optimize the efficiency of your heating, the majority of commercial buildings operate with a natural gas burner system.

There are also other combustion applications related to drying and fusion. These larger boilers and their devices require specific and constant adjustments to maintain combustion efficiency and emission volumes. They require periodic maintenance to ensure the effectiveness of the devices, safety, and regulation.

Sectors of activity

  • Industrial furnace
  • Air compensatory
  • Kettle
  • Aerothermic heating
  • Séchoire industriel
  • Boiler
  • Paint cabin


  • Piping
  • Make-up air

We offer seasonal maintenance of your system for the optimizing of the central unit of your residence. Wether it’s a heat pump, air conditioning, and electric furnace, natural gas appliance, propane or an air exchanger; it happens that a particular need must be made.


  • The breaking of a motor, the ventilation or an evacuation
  • Electic elements
  • Dirty filters
  • Defective thermostat
  • Leak of cooler and combustion products

Our team is trained to repair all your devices of various brands.

You have a project? It will be our pleasure to give you a quote.